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A private bedroom under the
African skies

"We don't travel to escape life but for life not to escape us" - Anonymous -


Make your way through rows of magnificent white boulders and cross a small drawbridge, and you will find Africa unfolding in front if you. Set amid the pure and untouched wild, you will be surrounded by African bush and uninhibited wildlife at its best. Experience a night under the stars in your own exclusive tree house in the middle of the African bush. 

Observe the great

"If we were meant to stay in the same place, we'd have roots instead of feet" - Anonymous -


Of course, you can brag about any African safari, but witnessing the “The Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth” during which millions of wildebeest, zebras, and gazelles migrate, is a natural spectacle far beyond anything you can imagine. The sheer animal density will astound you.

Bush & Beach

"Jobs fill your pockets,

adventures fill your soul" - Anonymous -


In Africa it is easy to combine your bush with a little bit of postcard-perfect-beach-bliss. Try the Great Migration, and end with the Zanzibar Archipelago. Or the Best of South Africa where you fly into one of Kruger’s most famous private Reserves, with extraordinary sightings of leopard and spectacular year-round game viewing. Then touch down on your very own private paradise off the coast of Mozambique and experience island bliss 

Flying Safari

"If you think travel is dangerous,

try routine, it's lethal" - Anonymous -


Experience Africa from above. Float romantically across the Serengeti in a hot air balloon (champagne mandatory) and experience the ultimate view. Or if you are looking for something more adventurous, why not try soaring high above the Victoria Falls in a tiny microlight, a fixed wing flight over the rugged terrain of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast or even a spot of sky-diving in South Africa. That’s what we call a flying safari! 

Experience a private

"Your wings already exist,

all you have to do is fly" - Anonymous -


Let your days drift away on an exclusive 20-acre private island set in the Indian Ocean. One of the few truly private tropical islands in the world, nestling within Tanzania’s Shungi Mbili Island Marine Reserve. The island offers absolute exclusivity for families and friends to enjoy on a sole-use basis. Accommodating up to 27 guests when children are included and sharing rooms.

The Journey of a
Sea Diamond

"There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one's self" - Benjamin Franklin -


Dive and Shine. An exclusive Diamond Safari into the depth of the ocean. After arriving in a private plane, seek the treasures of the Benguela current and dive for your own diamond. Indulge in beautiful meals created by your Private Chef in a private retreat overlooking the ocean. The perfect gift or another adventure to add to your bucket list.

Experience a glamping resort in Chile, located close to Torres del Paine, on the shores of an enormous lake. This luxury camp features 20 yurts with heating, water, phones and other modern amenities. The Camp has been designed for every guest to experience and enjoy the wonderful nature of Patagonia with great comfort. From within our yurts you will be able to hear wind or rain while you go to sleep, gaze at the stars right from your comfortable bed, and encounter one of the most beautiful landscapes of the world from your window or every time you step outside on our walkways. You will be immersed in a beautiful, aromatic native forest of coigües and notros, and enjoy watching and listening to the many bird species that live among us.

Glamping in

"Blessed are the curious,

for they shall have adventures" - Anonymous -


We offer the most diverse Galapagos expeditions available, ranging from 10 to 16 nights including Quito, Ecuador or the wonders of Machu Piccu, Peru. The sleek, stylish ship makes you feel like you’re in one of the world’s best boutique hotels, only with better, ever-changing scenery. Ships depart from and return to Baltra, Galapagos. 
If a modern luxury vacation on board a stunning ship to the Galapagos islands was not on your bucket list before, it definitely should be now. 

Evolve your idea of a Galapagos

"Once a year, go someplace you've 

never been before"

- Dalai Lama -



Fly into the interior of Antartica on a 
Private Jet

"Travel brings power and love

back to your life"

- Rumi -


Experience a carbon neutral experience that is as luxurious as it is adventurous. 
Your Antarctic adventure begins in Cape Town, South Africa. Board your private jet and fly over hundreds of icebergs and into continuous sunshine. Enjoy state-of-the art sleeping pods that are heated and designed for two people each. Relax and enjoy the food from an award-wining chef. Each day, the field guides suggest a number of excursions and activities for you to choose from. They can be relaxing, or adrenaline charged…. it’s entirely up to you. 
Choose from different adventures to suit your style.

Harley Davidson

"The road less traveled, 

is a road worth riding"

- #Orlandoharley -

The spectacular beauty of South Africa creates an unforgettable backdrop when touring on an iconic Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Couple this with the excitement of tracking the spoor of the South African Big Five through the bushveld, and at the same time playing some of the most exclusive golf courses in South Africa – then you have a match made in heaven! This unique motorcycle tour in South Africa is a special experience for golf enthusiasts and motorcyclists with an adventure streak and is fully backed by support vehicles, your own dedicated pro-golfer and crew.  


Finding time to be present and  Reconnect  with our true essence

"I can speak to my soul only when

the two of us are off exploring deserts or cities or mountains or roads"

- Paulo Coelho -


In this ever changing and frantic world where most are governed by the ticking clock, there is a part in everyone one of us which longs to go on a retreat to restore vitality, relax the body and mind and create emotional and spiritual balance. From meditating in the spiritual peaks of the Himalayas, to moving through Surya Namaskar ‘Sun Salutation’ as the sun rises on your private Greek island or learn to control your breath and restore your vital life force overlooking the vine rolling hills of Portugal, our Crafters are here to suggest the perfect retreat to suit each individual need, the choice is endless.