How about a cruise on the Mekong through Vietnam and Cambodia which offers the traveler the opportunity to explore traditional floating markets and rural pagodas, quiet country villages, royal palaces including the world’s largest religious monument Angkor Wat, Cambodia.  One thing is for sure there is much to see in two countries which are full of history?

Or how would you like to discover the real Russia and toast to the Tsars as you cruise along the historic Volga (and Svir) rivers from Moscow to St Petersburg, exploring the cities important landmark, revealing the real Russia as you acquaint yourself with its rich history and culture?

Themed Cruises

The very finest in ocean adventures and unique frontiers to explore.

Patagonia & Antarctica is possibly best discovered by cruising leisurely and comfortably as you take in the rugged landscape of Patagonia and the southernmost region of the world. Antarctica is the last discovered continent where wildlife and nature exist without excessive pressures of man. The dramatic mountains, glaciers, icebergs and ocean provide a backdrop to the lives of the wildlife who have adapted to living on this magical continent. Sailing through channels and reaching islands untouched by man, you will find yourself mesmerised by the magnificent granite peaks and glacial valleys, witness up close and personal wildlife encounters and visit quaint fishing villages as your ship cruises silently through the Patagonian channels. 

Patagonia & Antarctica

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Discovering the Adriatic by cruising offers the opportunity to visit this coastline which so many misses out on if they are on a land package. A 7 or 10-day cruise to the Adriatic is a history lesson leaving deep impressions of a bygone era.


Not only is this a relaxing journey but it allows you to sit back, relax and absorb some of the most stunning natural scenery in the world. You will dock at small ports and villages and most Balkan cruises include a visit Russia’s imperial capital, St Petersburg. The sheer grandeur and history of this revolutionary city captivates all who visit. 


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The Arctic Circle is the region given around the North Pole, which is an area of immense beauty, unusual wildlife and interesting people.


Cruising this area is perfect for a themed cruise and there is a voyage to choose for everyone, whether it is an adventure into history, a look at rare cultures or exploring the amazing natural wonders, one will be left with an incredible sense of gratitude for our planet. 

The Artic


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Cruising is not all about the ocean – some of the world’s most beautiful cities in the world are built on the banks of the world’s greatest rivers. Each river cruise is designed to suite a specific type of traveler, different destinations and different experiences.  

Danube and Christmas markets in Europe
One of the best experiences to embrace the festive season is to celebrate on a river cruise along the Danube River. Cruise through the charming region where so many Christmas traditions originated and where some of the most famous Christmas markets are situated. 
Cruising the Danube with its enchanting castles and medieval fortresses is a journey of Old World Charm. 




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Comprising many diverse islands and cultures, this tropical paradise provides the perfect sun-soaked getaway almost all year round. For many, the draw of cruises to The Caribbean are its powder-white beaches, bright blue lagoons, gently swaying palms and relaxed, friendly atmosphere. These aspects make it a fabulous place to holiday, but cruising offers so much more by giving you the chance to leisurely sail to numerous islands and immerse yourself in the different foods, cultures and experiences the many islands offer. Bustling market towns, colourful fishing villages, lush greenery, and fresh, local cuisine are just some of the delights on offer if you do decide to venture forth from your laidback lounge under the fronds of that palm tree. 

The Carribean

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The Bahamas consists of over 700 islands and cays, most of which are uninhabited, covering over 100,000 square miles of the Atlantic Ocean between South Florida and Hispaniola. Grand Bahama Island is a unique destination.


It allows visitors to combine a cosmopolitan vacation at a world-class resort with the charm of historical fishing villages and undiscovered ecological treasures.



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A Transatlantic cruise conjures up images of classic cruising - packing up steamer trunks for a long voyage to the new world - reading a good book on a deck chair on the Promenade Deck, glancing up at times to see the endless horizon of the days at sea. 
Some North Atlantic sailings offer cruising to Newfoundland, Greenland and Iceland.


However, there are also Southern Atlantic cruises that depart Florida, sail along the Caribbean, often with stops in San Juan, St Thomas or St Maarten, and then head over to Europe.

Africa & Atlantic Trans

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Asia is a land of contrasts - the largest continent, the tallest mountains, the longest coastline and three-fifths the world's population.


Cruising is a wonderful way to see the region which extends from Burma and Thailand in the west through Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore through to Vietnam and Cambodia, China and Japan.


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What sets Celebrity apart from other vacation choices today is the cruise line’s passionate dedication to providing guests with a cruise experience that exceeds expectations. This extraordinary performance level has become the definition of Celebrity Cruises, and has set the worldwide standard for today’s expression of what first made cruising famous — high quality, superior design, spacious accommodations, grand style, attentive service and exceptional cuisine.

Azamara is the new, deluxe cruise experience for discerning travelers who long to reach out-of-the-ordinary destinations and indulge in amenities and service unparalleled on the high seas. Yes, it is glorious – from the moment you step aboard and receive your welcoming mimosa. And what could be better than canapes each afternoon and a nightly treat on your pillow? There is, of course, butler service to satisfy your every whim, and we offer in-room spa services, too.

The ‘Crystal Difference’ starts with the company’s most important mission: to be the best in the luxury service business, not just the luxury cruise industry. Service begins with one of the highest staff-to-passenger ratios in the industry. The European-trained staff hail from more than 40 nations and are selected based on their winning and friendly personalities as well as their expertise in providing Six-Star service.

Formed in 2002 by luxury cruise industry veterans Joe Watters and Frank Del Rio, Oceania Cruises is the world’s only upper premium cruise line. Cuisine, Comfort, Service and outstanding value are the pillars that define Oceania Cruises’ five-star product and have positioned the line as the cruise company of choice for travelers seeking a truly refined and casually elegant travel experience.

Cruising on a Seabourn ship is unlike any other form of travel. The experience is luxurious, yet relaxed — elegant, yet casual — sumptuous, yet understated. Our intimate ships visit the most desirable destinations worldwide, sailing to the heart of landmark cities, as well as to hidden gems where larger vessels cannot follow.

With fewer than 300 guests, it feels like your own private yacht. No crowds, no formal nights, just luxurious surroundings and the freedom to write your own adventure. Small Ships. Infinite Possibilities. Step away from the crowds. Away from towering decks and a thousand people, or even more. Away from lines, from waiting, away from the whole idea of group travel.

SeaDream yachting is different from big ship cruising. Unlike cruises, you will be pampered by SeaDream’s award–winning service and cuisine. You can be as active or as relaxed as you want to be while experiencing the ultimate in luxury, privacy and personalization.

Award-winning river cruise line AmaWaterways continues to build upon our industry lead with a fleet of 15 custom-designed vessels in Europe, Russia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Africa. We continue to lead the way in river cruising by providing innovative luxurious ship designs featuring step-out and French balconies, premium stateroom amenities and warm, personalized service.

Why go cruising?

  • You unpack and pack only once. 

  • All meals are included. 

  • All entertainment and activities are included.

  • Visit many different destinations while cruising

  • Freedom to choose what you want to do when you want to do it. 

  • The key element on a cruise is CHOICE. The modern floating resorts offer your clients an unlimited array of entertainment, activities, destinations, sports and other facilities.

  • Very high level of service. 

  • Safe and secure environment. 

  • Cash free.  

  • Everything you buy gets charged to your room account.

  • Complimentary Supervised children’s activities. 

  • A cruise is an ideal family holiday. 

Myths debunked!

  • Cruises are crowded (Choose the right cruise ship and experience for you!)

  • Cruises are for old, stuffy people (Cruising now more than ever is popular and geared towards young adults and families!)

  • I'll be stuck on board (Choose the right trip and enjoy wide open spaces and destinations)

  • Cruises are dangerous (Statistically, cruises are one of the safest ways to travel)

  • I'll be bored (There's way too much variety, entertainment and things to do!)

  • Cruises aren't a cultural experience (Explore each new port and discover new cultures and history!)

  • I'll gain weight (There is a wide variety of healthy food choices and a fitness center on board) 

  • I'll get sea sick (There are many remedies for this!)

  • I have to get dressed up (The choice is yours! Enjoy dressing up or enjoy more relaxed parts of the ship!)

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