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Bettina planting a tree at Bisate - Nov 2019

Updated: May 6, 2020

One of my most memorable experiences has been being part of Bisate’s reforestation program and having the opportunity to plant a tree in Rwanda to aid Rwanda’s Conservation areas. Being a guest at Bisate Lodge, one is given the opportunity to take part in your own tree planting ceremony.

Bisate Lodge has been driving sustainable conservation in Rwanda through its pioneering reforestation project, which has seen thousands of indigenous trees planted on the Bisate site. Reforestation of the 43 hectares (103 acres) of Bisate land in a phased approach, is the goal. This plant life has brought the return of many species, endemic to the area. Birds, insects, reptiles, and mammal species have been seen returning. “It forms part of Bisate’s purpose, to create a world-class ecotourism destination that has a dramatic and far reaching impact on more than ‘just’ the Critically Endangered mountain gorilla.”

The Craft of Travel is fortunate to have planted two trees at Bisate, which we have the exact coordinates of. One by Vicky in April 2019, and the other mine in November 2019. We count ourselves blessed. A ceremony conducted by one of the amazing people of Rwanda, a ceremony etched in my mind as a forever lasting memory.

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