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What to pack and how to prepare for your safari

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

One of the big questions when packing for your Safari is

“What bag to bring on your African safari?”

Given that most of the lodges and Camps provide a laundry service, you only need to pack a maximum of three- or four-days’ worth of clothes. White and solid bright colours stand out in the muted colours of the savannah so choose fewer items in softer shades of khaki, brown, grey or blue, with broken patterns, and you’ll “blend into the landscape better 😊”

The following list will go a long way making your decision and process easier:

- Soft broad-brimmed hat

- Fleece beanie (if you're travelling in winter)

- A warm jacket

- A lightweight, windproof top – early mornings on open vehicles can be chilly, even in the heat of summer; winter nights can be cold

- One or two b uffs (multi-functional tubular bandanna) – a must for keeping your hair off your face or protected from the elements on the open vehicle, the sun or cold wind off your neck, the dust off your camera or folded double as a beanie

- 2 warm tops (fleece/hoodie type)

- Scarf, gloves and beanies/woollen hats for the cold winter months

- 3 lightweight fast-drying tops – long sleeves are great for keeping the sun off your arms.

- 2 pairs trousers (winter) or shorts (zip-off long pants are best for summer as you need both)

- 3 pairs of socks

- PJs and underwear of course

- 1 pair lightweight but sturdy closed shoes

- 1 pair sandals or flip-flops

- Optional: a kikoi/sarong/shawl – useful for extra protection against the sun/heat/cold/wind

- Travel-size toiletries of preference (Note that eco-friendly amenities such as soap, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion are provided in all accommodation)

- Sunblock and sun-protective lip-balm

- Mosquito repellent (although also provided at many establishments)

- Wildlife and bird e -guides on your device (the Sasol eBirds of Southern Africa and Wildlife of Southern Africa apps are excellent)

- Binoculars – bring a compact set, e.g. 7x40; any bigger will get too heavy and bulky.

- A powerful camera with good Zoom (unless you are a professional photographer and then you’ll already be kitted out)

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