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Argentina . Brazil . Chile


Known as the Paris of the southern hemisphere, this country was the birthplace of the sensual and passionate ‘Tango’. Argentina is a land of diversity, with its cosmopolitan European city one can combine the powerful glacial valleys of Patagonia, or ski in the famous lake region, for the wine connoisseurs one can savour the irresistible Argentine wines grown on the highest Wine Route in the world situated in Salta, one of the must do is visit the powerful Iguazu Falls situated in the north west of the country. 

Some of the many highlights of Argentina include: 

Buenos Aires & Tango

This beautiful city combines European grandeur with passion and tradition. Offering interesting experiences for all tastes from art, design, food and bar culture, you name it, this city will have it. Take Tango lessons by an expert and feel the movement of the most passionate dance in the world. 

Discover Iguazú Falls and the Devil’s Throat by moonlight. 
Iguazú National Park located in the northwest of the province of Misiones, with it preserved ecosystem and the natural treasure being hosted are the Iguazú Waterfalls: 275 waterfalls that reach an altitude of almost 260 feet. They were declared one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature in the World and, also, Mankind Natural Heritage. 

La Tochita, train ride to the end of the world 

Enjoy a railway trip to the Patgonian Steppe on the Patagonian Express 

Trekking on Perito Moreno Glacier

Experience a ‘moving’ glacier, as you trek on it you can hear a glacier which is alive. 

Wine Route

Experience the highest wine route in the world in Salta and discover the wine regions of Mendoza and Cordoba 

Be pampered in an elegant Estancia

For a special occasion or for a family holiday, book a Private Estancia in a remote area of Northern Patagonia where one can discover a unique private and personal experience in ultimate luxury.

Explore the real Patagonia

Incredible horseback riding and magnificent fly fishing opportunities or why not rent a private estancia on the Argentine Pampas and learn to play the sport of Kings!


Not only the largest country on the continent but also home to 2 of the ‘Seven Wonders of the World, namely the Rio Carnival and The Amazon Rainforest. This country is one of the world’s most fascinating places, it is a country of electrifying cities, magnificent white beaches, colonial towns, thundering waterfalls, many tropical islands and of course the country with the greatest collection of plant and animal species found anywhere on earth. 

Start making memories by experiencing some of Brazil’s many highlights:   

For a quintessential experience, discover the Amazon Forest

The lungs of the world either on a luxury river cruise or in a luxury lodge: this is one destination where the little things is what make it special. From canoeing through a flooded forest or taking in the scenery from a hammock on a boat making its way up the most impressive river in the world looking out for the famous pink dolphin, spend the night up on a 50 metre samauma or angelim tree or live on a boat for a few days.

No matter what which way you choose to explore the Amazon, one thing is for sure, it will be an unforgettable bucket list experience. 

Visit the Afro-Brazilian jewel

Salvador da Bahia: as you journey through the city centre of 17th & 18th century architecture and gold- laden churches, the most famous being The Baroque Sao Francisco you will find a city with soul and one which encompasses an incredible arts movement, with wild festivals taking place frequently and capoeira circles form on plazas and open spaces. 

Discovery Ouro Preto

A UNESCO World Heritage Site south of Belo Horizonte. One of the most exquisite colonial towns, truly beautiful in the most striking urban landscape of cobblestone hills nestled in the surrounding mountains. Historically a centre of gold mining and the stage for Brazil’s first independence movement, Ouro Preto is one of Brazil’s most visited tourist destinations. 

For the music lover

Experience MIMO festival, Brazil largest free music festival which travels through some of the most spectacular historic towns of Brazil, where some of the world’s most exciting contemporary musicians place a series of free concerts in the churches, streets and squares. 

The Rio Carnival

This a wild 5-day celebration, celebrated 40 days before Easter. It is a euphoric event where people dance, sing, party and overdose on fun. It officially starts on Friday and finishes on Fat Tuesday with the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday after which one is supposed to abstain from all bodily pleasures. Carnival with all its excesses, celebrated as a profane event, could be interpreted an act of farewell to the pleasures of the flesh. It is usually in February, the hottest month in the Southern Hemisphere, when summer in Rio is at its peak.

There are carnival celebrations on virtually every corner of Brazil, the best-known ones taking place in Recife together with the neighbouring Olinda (in the Northeast of Brazil) and Salvador. But the biggest and most famous carnival is undoubtedly Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. 

Although Carnival (Carnaval in Portuguese) is celebrated in towns and villages throughout Brazil and other Catholic countries, Rio de Janeiro has long been regarded as the Carnival capital of the world. The Rio Carnival is not only the biggest Carnival, it is also a benchmark against which every other carnival is compared and one of the most interesting artistic events on the globe. 



Chile is a long, narrow country stretching along South America's western edge, with more than 6,000km of Pacific Ocean coastline. Santiago, its capital, sits in a valley surrounded by the Andes and Chilean Coast Range mountains. This country offers landscapes which leave you breathless, with exceptional & dramatic contrasts from Atacama, the driest desert in the world lies against the piercing blue sky to the screaming mountains of Torres del Paine in Southern Patagonia. 

In between, discover the exceptional wine regions, the rolling countryside marked by deep-blue lakes and snow-capped volcanoes, western cliffs to eastern inlets of the Chiloe Archipelago and the mysterious Easter Island which is one of the most isolated islands on Earth, lying 3,510 km off the coast of Chile. 

This is a destination perfect for lovers of the outdoors, luxury holidays offering incredible gastronomic experiences, beautiful Patagonian plains on the foothills of the Andes making it the perfect place for Patagonia riding holidays, trekking and climbing. 
Chile is the perfect holiday destination for families with teenagers as there are plenty of things to see and do. 


Experience some of Chile's highlights:   

Discover mystical Easter Island

This is one of the most isolated islands on Earth. Home to Moai statues and Rapa Nui National Park, a World Heritage site. This island is a feast for the eye and a photographer’s dream come true with it jagged coastline, 3,000-foot crater and stunning landscapes. 


Take a 4-hour walking tour in Santiago exploring the markets with a fresh mix of arty hubs and some of the best seafood, wine and meat in South America. 


Explore the ruggedness of Patagonia exploring fjords and glaciers on foot or even kayak, fly-fishing and horse-ride through this expansive wilderness. 

Glamping in Patagonia

Become one with nature as you experience a Yurt Tent, from Mongolian Origins, these tents offer maximum comfort and luxury.

Experience a fully inclusive package in one of the most spectacular locations of Latin America. 

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